Christmas decorating using "in the hoop" machine embroidery.
Decorating a house can often be daunting, especially when everyone in the household has their own design ideas. There are few things more aesthetically pleasing than a well designed Christmas display, and this blog will aim to give you some ideas on matching and designing using your embroidery machine.

Christmas Tree Decorations

Your Christmas tree will be the centrepiece of all your house decorations. This means it is important for anyone who wants an effective design, to get the tree right as it will continually draw the eye of visitors. This doesn’t mean you have to rush out and buy the most expensive decorations available, a lot can be done with a little if it’s well thought out. One of the best ways to ensure your tree looks good is to colour theme. Try to stick to one or two colours with your tree decorations to keep it looking simple and classy. Traditional red and green go well together, and gold can look good by itself or with almost any other colour. Find in the hoop machine embroidery decorations to make in your choice of colour Snowflake Tree Skirt or these baubles Mylar Christmas Tree Ornaments

Gift Giving

Thinking of gifts to give other adults can often be difficult, made all the more so when the person receiving the gift is an acquaintance or newer friend. In this situation, it is very important to remember the number one rule of adult gift giving… make it alcohol-related. Of course, wrapping a wine bottle can be difficult, so for a gift bag design you can use your embroidery machine to create this unique Christmas Wine Bottle Bag. For other gifts needing a bag click here Santa Gift Bag, Angel Gift Bag and Pretty House Gift Bag is another design that kids of all ages will love. If you’re thinking of giving multiple sewn gifts or just want to make one even more special, personalise them with a sewable name-tag Gift Tags and Christmas Quilt Labels

The Whole House

Decorating the rest of the house doesn’t have to be a long and arduous. It is just important to put things in key focal points. Large bare wall areas, side tables and counters can be used to display minimal ornaments for maximum effect. For a sewn decoration to fill that wall space click Christmas Folk Art Quilt, Advent Calendar Bunting, Nativity Silhouette Wall Hanging and Christmas Tree Bunting or for something to place on the mantel follow this Christmas Mantel Runner. Even a well placed coil of tinsel around a banister can make a huge difference. If you used a colour theme for your tree, it is also important to keep this theme going throughout your house to keep things looking great. Even the couch can follow your colour scheme with one of these sewn cushions Rudolf Christmas Cushion or the Christmas Fireplace Redwork Cushion. For ideas on keeping a pattern scheme along a number of decorations check out these Christmas Holly Designs


Nothing says authentic family Christmas like stockings hung up for the whole family. This is one of the few areas of decorating that I would say colour coordination is not as important. It can often be nice to personalise someone’s stocking with their favourite colour. Sweetpea has several stocking designs available Christmas Stockings


I find when decorating a table one of the places people get into trouble is trying to find room for three-dimensional ornaments. Christmas is usually a time when the dinner table gets a lot of use, and the last thing you want is to have to fight for a place to put the turkey, so a better option can be the use of;

Table runners made in the hoop using your embroidery machine

Christmas Ornament Table Centre Santa Table Runner


Reindeer Placemat and Mug Rug Set Christmas Tree Pieced Mug Rug


Faith Hope Love Joy Mug Rug Faith_Hope_Love_Joy_Mugrug_4x4_5x5_6x6_in_the_hoop_800x and


Christmas Jelly Roll Tree Christmas-Jelly-Roll-Tree-5x7-6x10-7x12-in-the-hoop_800x.jpg This is not to say you can’t have a three-dimensional centrepiece, but you should make sure you are utilizing your space effectively when you have a small or busy table. You can even Christmas up the beer drinkers with these holiday-themed

Bottle Wraps

Christmas Elf Bottle Wrap Christmas_bottle_wrap_elf_5x7_and_6x10_in_the_hoop_machine_embroidery_designs_800x

Finally, You!

To add a little fun and festive cheer to your Christmas parties and family gatherings, you can’t forget to decorate yourself. Christmassy clothes and reindeer antlers are always a must, but to really complete the look a pair of Christmas earrings FSL Christmas Earrings.
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