I’ve seen lots of comments in our Facebook groups asking for the link to the Sweet Pea design shown in another member's post. It is very easy to add a URL to a Facebook comment or even your original post. First , just locate the design on our website https://swpea.com/ (the search function comes in handy here!) pic 1
Secondly, on the web page for the design you just searched ,you will notice the string of text along the top, you can select this by left clicking on it (if it doesn’t highlight the whole text for you, just press Ctrl + A to select all) pic 2
And lastly , press Ctrl + C on your keyboard (to copy the text), then open up Facebook and find where you want to put the link (in a comment for example) and press Ctrl + V to paste the copied text pic 3
Adding the URL address to your Facebook post is most helpful to others who wish to find the design on our website. It is easy and quick to do and is just another way members of our Facebook group can help each other out :)
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