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How to avoid having issues when using your embroidery software to open embroidery files.

While embroidery software packages can be useful in manipulating designs, they can also cause issues with the order that the design gets stitched out in. We advise being careful when using embroidery software with our in the hoop designs for this reason. newsletter An example of when software can be problematic is the Husqvarna software package “Premier+”, by default when you export files through this software it will “ColorSort” the design unless this option is disabled. This option will group embroidery steps based on colours to reduce overall step changes and save time, however this completely reorganises the ordering of the stitching and as a result the design won’t match up with our instructions. The above example can happen with any machine's embroidery software if the 'colour sorting' option is enabled.

All embroidery machine file formats included

We include all the embroidery formats within each of our in the hoop design downloads so that you can copy the design directly to a USB stick without the need to convert it in your own software. Capture
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