This month has been unusually busy with the day job taking up most weekends and evenings away from home in hotels. It isn’t always like this, but as a result I have not had as much time in front of my sewing machines having fun as I would like. However, I did find time to make this quick and easy cute Little Dress Peg Bag on my embroidery machine ( machine embroidery in the hoop pegbag

From left-over scraps to fabulous project

As I mentioned in last month’s blog post, I am keen to make use of left-over scraps of fabric from projects. I recently made matching dresses for my niece’s twin girls (unbelievably they are now 18-months old). The fabric is a wonderfully soft, embroidered denim. As most of you hopefully do, I also follow Sweet Pea on social media – Facebook and Instagram (by the way, if you’d like to follow me on Instagram, I’m @TimCooperUK) – and I saw the “peg bag” design that was re - released (now with more photos at every step of the instructions) in September. One of the very first sewing projects I made at school was a peg bag (more years ago than I care to remember – and yes, the boys and girls all did the same subjects, sewing, cookery, woodwork and metalwork. I was much better at sewing and cookery than woodwork and metalwork!). Since the fabric I had left over has embroidered flowers on it, I decided to adapt the project to suit my needs. In the original design there is a pocket on the front and that would have covered the flowers on the denim. The Sweet Pea team advise against editing the files in embroidery software as this can lead to problems when stitching out the design. Bearing this in mind, the simplest way to miss out elements of the design is simply to jump over those steps on the machine, which is what I did. If you are not sure how to do this on your machine, you will find the information you need in your machine’s user guide. After I had stitched out the dress fabric placement line, I was able to position my fashion fabric so that the main flower was centred (and the correct way up!). machine embroidery in the hoop pegbag machine embroidery in the hoop pegbag

Scrap buster design, easy for beginners

This design is quite straightforward to make – and quick – and is ideal for those new to making in-the-hoop projects. It is also a great scrap buster design as it doesn’t require much fabric.

Some helpful tips when you trim

I would urge a little caution when cutting out the inside circle; I recommend using “duck-billed” applique scissors if you have them. That way, you can avoid cutting through the stabiliser. However, if you do cut through it, it should still stitch out OK; although it is better if you can keep the stabiliser intact. Trim the wadding (batting) as close as you can to the stitch line to ensure the satin stitch completely covers it in later steps. If you don’t you may find it pokes through the stitching and it can be difficult to trim afterwards. machine embroidery in the hoop pegbag

Tape , tape and more tape

When attaching the lining fabric under the frame, make sure you tape it well and ensure it sticks to the frame itself with the ends of the tape securely stuck. If you don’t, there is a chance that the tape will catch on the base of your machine and come unstuck and affect the stitch out (ask me how I know). I use masking tape (full strength rather than low-tack). I have read that some people use eyelash tape (I had no idea such tape existed!). I haven’t tried that myself, so please let me know if you find it works. machine embroidery in the hoop pegbag

Tight curves ahead

Once you have finished stitching out the project, you need to remove from the frame and trim the fabric as directed in the instructions. As there are some tight curves, I recommend clipping notches to help keep nice and smooth once turned through. A little tip when turning through, start the turning at the widest point, which makes it easier to do. machine embroidery in the hoop pegbag

The finished project is great for storing wonder clips and other sewing paraphernalia:

machine embroidery in the hoop pegbag

Have fun making yours,


machine embroidery in the hoop pegbag
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