Share your love of Sweet Pea designs with your friends and share in the rewards!

Get 50 Points for every friend you invite

Your friend will now get 10% off when they join and you will receive your 50 points when your friend makes their first purchase using a special link.

Those 50 points will soon add up, as 300 points unlocks a 20% discount coupon on our digital designs.

Follow these easy steps to start earning points

  1. Login into your account on our website or register for an account here
  2. Click on the 'Reward Program' button at the bottom of the home page ( see below)

    3. Click on the 'Earn' tab ( see image below)

    4. Click 'Refer a friend' ( see image below)

    5. On this page ( see image below) you will have two options to share the 'refer a friend' link

    • copy and paste the referral link - just click the 'copy' button ( see image below) OR
    • share the link by clicking on any of the social media icons

    6. If you choose the share via social media icon, this is what you will see if you choose the Facebook icon. A post will appear for you to complete and then post to your friends to see.

    7. Your Facebook friends will see a post similar to the one shown below

    8. When your friends click on the link in your post they will see a screen similar to the one shown below. They will need to fill in their name and email details.

    9. Your friend will be issued with a discount code for their next purchase. This code will only work with the email address that they entered in the step above.

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    10. Your friend will need to register on our website before they can use their discount code.

    important to know...

    Once your friend has used the discount code on a purchase, our system will pick up that the discount code was issued on your 'referral'. You will then be awarded the 50 reward points.

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    Helen Rutter

    Helen Rutter

    Have made several quilts and items with the Sweet Pea designs which I am extremely impressed with. ie Aussie Animals. Beautifully digitised and sew out so well. I have also made the bags which I always get complimented on when I use them. Thanks so much. I’m a fan.

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