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How to Use Scrap Thread and Fabric

Category_How to articlesErin Payne
It’s not uncommon to end up with lots of fabric scraps and bits of thread when machine embroidering. Not sure what to do with the excess? We have some ideas for you...
How to Use Printable Fabric in Frames

How to Use Printable Fabric in Frames

Category_How to articlesMartyn Smith
Learn how to incorporate photos into your embroidery with printable fabric in this blog.
leather in machine embroidery

Helpful tips when using leather for machine embroidery projects.

Category_How to articlesSweet Pea Machine Embroidery Designs in the hoop, machine embroidery
The idea of using leather for a machine embroidery project can be off-putting for many people. It can be a challenging and frustrating material to work with when you aren’t sure what you are doing, but for many projects there is nothing else that would come close to looking as good. It is tougher than most other materials that we work with, which makes many of the tools we would usually use impractical. As it is tanned hide and not stitched together like cloth, it also retains and shows any holes the machine stitches into it. These problems need to be anticipated and dealt with before they occur to ensure your machine embroidery project is a success.
top 10 tips for machine embroidery beginners

Top 10 Machine Embroidery Tips For People Just Starting

Category_How to articlesAllison Nash
When beginning a new hobby of any kind often it will be the first instinct of any person to jump right in and get started, especially with somethin...