machine embroidery design, machine embroidery designs, in the hoop, colour in Simply sitting and clearing your mind can be relaxing, away from today’s technology and fast paced environment. Sometimes we just need an escape to relax our mind and wind down. We already know embroidery is our escape from reality and Sweet Pea has made it possible to use colouring as another perfect way to escape reality. The hypnotic and calming craze is the perfect way to distract the brain. The sense of satisfaction you feel after creating a beautiful original design can have a positive effect on the rest of your day. Engaging our hands and our mind as we focus on colouring in between the lines is new and delightful. Join the kids and grandkids for a day of fun helping each other create a fun new project. We found that studies suggest adults 65 and over who are creative had better health overall as they required fewer visits to the doctor and had fewer health concerns than non-crafters. Furthermore, studies suggest rhythmic activities such as colouring, knitting, crocheting or quilting are beneficial as they provide a meditative state allowing you to forget about any worries or stress. So why not combine our love of embroidery, quilting and sewing and dive into the creative anti-stress craze of colouring. As we’ve known for many years kids love colouring in and they also benefit greatly from colouring at an early age. Colouring in improves motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and better handwriting that prepare them for school. Kids that colour when they’re young get creative, colour awareness and self-expression that can benefit them for the rest of their life. Instead of buying a colouring in book why not personalise something unique that you can enjoy for years to come. Instead of walking through aisles and aisles of fabric and not finding the perfect colours for you this is the way to create your own designs or even create a new fun activity for the kids and grandkids. Sweet Pea has expanded this colouring in craze to benefit you and your design freedom. Here are some or our best-selling colouring in designs. Perfect for Adults and Children
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