Using Lite Steam a Seam 2 with Sweet Pea Essentials Applique mat

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These two products are a match made in heaven ! BRAND NEW Sweet Pea Essentials Applique mat and Lite Steam a Seam 2. Lite Steam a Seam 2 is...

How to Use an Applique Mat.

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Our Sweet Pea Essentials Appliqué Mat measures 40cm x 60cm (15.75" x 23.5"). This appliqué mat will protect the surface of your iron and ironing bo...

How to Sew a Simple Double Border

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HOW TO ATTACH THE BORDERS - WITH MITERED CORNERS Before adding the borders, ensure your project is squared up and all edges measure the same leng...

Starburst Quilting

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How to Embroider a French Knot and Petals

Sewing TipsAllison Nash

How to Sew Flange Binding / Peeper Binding Tutorial

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How to Sew Borders with Mitered Corners

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Quilting is a difficult skill to master. Putting together a quilt in itself is an amazing accomplishment. However, to see a quilt with a boarder ...

How to Sew Hexagon Quilt Blocks Together

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The earliest hexagon pattern that quilt researchers have discovered was made in England in 1770. Hexagon became one of the most popular patterns...

How to Make Binding Out of the Quilt Backing

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Machine Satin Stitch Around Applique

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Satin Stitch is made using a closely worked zig zag stitch with zig zag pressure foot. Here are a few tips on making a nearly perfect satin stitc...

How to Stitch Around Applique Using a Sewing Machine - Getting Started With Applique

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Once you have all of your appliquéd pieces pinned, fused or glued in place, get a thread to match or contrast your design and let's get started. ...

How to Sew the Patchwork Handbag

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