Please check your emails for a new activation for the Australian classes program website. Without accepting the new invite you will not be able to access the classes program site.

Our very popular "Sweet Pea Classes Program" is a great way to make 30% on all designs purchased for classes you hold.

  • Once you are set up as a classes host on our website you only need to log in to our classes program site and you will see all our designs at 30% discount.
  • The easiest way for you to make the 30% profit on each and every design your students use is to purchase the quantity you need for the class from the website – 1 per student and then preload USBs with the design.
  • You charge your class participant/student the full price for our Sweet pea design, cost of the new USB (if they need one) and then keep the 30% discount for yourself.
  • Of course the more classes and more students = more revenue for yourself.

    If you would like to join our affiliate program as well please email us at

    You will need to explain to us in detail what your store/company does and how we can mutually benefit each other.

    How can you capitalise on Sweet Pea’s popularity and make 10% commission?

    Join our Sweet Pea Affiliate Program

    To join email us at: 

    How Does It Work?

    Our Sweet Pea Affiliate Program is a marketing partnership which allows you as a registered, participating retailer to earn a commission on sales referred to Sweet Pea Machine Embroidery designs website ( using trackable links. When one of your customers that you have referred, makes a purchase on our site through the trackable link, that transaction will be tracked, and we will give you 10% commission on the sale. It's that simple!

    If done effectively, our Sweet Pea Affiliate Program can allow you to have a steady stream of passive income.

    What do you get

    • 10% commission on all affiliate generated sales, through the trackable link

    • 14-Day affiliate cookie (meaning if the customer purchases within 14-days you still get the commission), through the trackable link

    • Leading brand in the machine embroidery market  

    What do you have to do?

    To join email us at: 

    1. Sign up to our affiliate scheme and we will send you a trackable link

    2. Use the trackable link to our website and advertise it to all your customers.

    PLEASE NOTE: Your customer must visit and purchase from our website USING THE TRACKABLE LINK (if they go to our website through our web address we will have no way of linking their purchase to your store. It is easy to advertise this link- just make sure that you advertise the link through a clickable hyperlink in your store’s newsletter or weekly mailout, social media or website.

    Disclaimer: we reserve the right to discontinue the affiliate program anytime with 2 weeks’ notice