We have arrived in the UK!

We now have a selected range of Sweet Pea essentials shipping from the UK. In order to do this new venture we require a few steps from you.

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Important Steps

17th January 2023 (GMT):

If you haven't already, you will need to reactivate your account on the www.swpea.com.au website. 

If you are from the UK, Europe & South Africa you will need to activate on the new website. We will send you an email on the day to activate your account. All of your designs and orders will still be in your account on the new website. 

Once you have activated on January 17th, you will be able to checkout on the new website in your own currency. On this day we will not have physical products available to you. These products will arrive in March. We are doing this activation early to give you time to activate your account on the new website. 

If you are activating your account you will also receive a discount code for a free mug rug design. Exclusive to people activating accounts on the www.swpea.com.au

If you cannot find your activation email and you are from the UK, Europe or South Africa. Please check your junk and spam. Also use the search feature in your emails and search "sweet pea". If you still cannot find your email, please be patient as the system may take up to 24 hours to send. If you wait and still cannot find the email in your inbox after searching. Then please email us at customer.service@swpea.com

Once you have received your activation email, please click on the blue "Activate your Account" button. You will be redirected to the website where you will be asked to create a new password and also confirm this new password.

Once you have done this, click "Activate" Do not try and log in to your account as normal before having done the first step. The website will not recognise your email address until you have activated your account.

From 3rd March  2023:

Selected physical products will be available to ship from the new UK warehouse to UK customers.

Benefits of the new website.

Check out in GBP, Euro or ZAR
Physical Products sent from the UK

Products now available in the UK

Check out some of our UK Themed Embroidery Designs