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One of our favourite designs has to be Cassie the Crazy Crafter. And we were so excited to release her partner, Jack of All Trades, as the trades lover to our hobby lover earlier this year. Eventually, we hope to have a whole collection of hangers and customisable pieces for our duo, but trust us when we say our design ideas list is very long!

These hangers have spurned lots of creativity from our Sweet Pea family, and we wanted to share a few we love in this showcase:

Cassie the Crazy Crafter

cassie customer makes

cassie customer makes 2

There are a hundred ways to create your Cassie and we love to see them all! From unique skirt trim to all the hair colours, it’s so fun to see how your Cassie comes to life. It’s great to see all the different crazy crafters gracing your craft rooms, some with names added on top, some with unique border, some sans legs, but all amazing!

Special Mention

 unique cassie hangers

We love seeing how customers use designs in different ways. Anja Van Horck took the hanger design and turned it into a screen divider, while Debra Esquivel created a Cassie without her bun using our new bunless option for all the short haired crafters out there.

Jack of All Trades

jack customer creations

Jack is quite new and we are still seeing your projects come through, but the variety on your Jacks has been so impressive! Cathy created a very kind looking old Jack with some features taken from Santa, Carole showed off how jeans look after many years and added some gloves to match, Ange created a no hair look with a classic flannel shirt, while Lesley swapped the fishing pole for an axe! So many creative customisations.

If you haven’t bought Jack or Cassie yet, get the crazy crafter here and the tradie here. If you have, remember to share your makes in our Facebook Group or on Instagram and tag #sweetpeadesigns – we love seeing what you create!

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