Choosing Colours....

there is no better a Season to decorate than Fall. Choosing colours is so easy as Nature provides all the clues. Fall is the beginning of cooler weather and we start thinking about making our homes cozier. One again Nature helps with the Autumn tones of the leaves on the trees. These bronze and red hues are warming in themselves and are perfect colours for making our homes appear warm and welcoming.

Colours and furniture .....

These beautiful Fall colours are perfectly matched to timber furniture. They bring out the warmth and solidness of the timber making the furniture itself come alive. Nothing looks more welcoming than coming in the front door on a cool day and seeing a beautifully placed table runner on a hall table or similar piece of furniture.
2505 Debra Hoover Ward freeform table runner Sweet Pea " Freeform " table runner design in beautiful Fall Colours

Home 'Fall " Decor made easy with 'in the hoop' designs....

When thinking about home decor for the Fall Season there are many items that can be made easily and quickly. Table Runners, Table centerpieces, Place mats, Pot Holders, Pillows , Cushions and quilts. The list is only as long as your imagination. Imagine a cozy Living Room stacked with pillows in warm, inviting Autumn colours. A warming meal being served at a table set with a matching table runner and place mats. Curling up on the couch after a satisfying meal with a soft ,warm quilt.

Quick and easy home decor....

One of the wonderful things about 'in the hoop' machine embroidery is that it is relatively quick and easy to make items perfect for your home decor needs. The blocks are all appliqued and embroidered and quilted in the hoop and then we give you instructions on how to sew them them together.

Beautiful Autumn Colours.... (as sewn by some of our clever customers )

These beautiful examples of Fall Colours are all made with Sweet Pea "Fall Leaves Quilt Block and Table Runner " design Check out our Fall / Autumn design collection...... Fall / Autumn Season Collection 11219091_1026599424039008_6831678625979234858_n
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