Trying to look for the perfect machine to fit in with your creative needs? A used machine could be the perfect option to create unique complicated and simple designs. The pros can sometimes outweigh the cons of a used machine especially when saving you money. But it is also crucial to consider the cons of a used machine and use the knowledge you’ve learnt to find the perfect machine to cater to your embroidery needs. embroidery machine photo2 PRO #1 ..Saving Money Pros to buying a used machine would be the money you could be saving yourself in the beginning and in the future. On average a buyer can save up to 30% on a machine if they look down many different avenues including professional agents, private sellers and companies. The benefit of using an authorised agent is they can give assistance and assurance the machine will suit your needs. Private sellers can sell these used machines for a small percentage of money compared a new machine. However it is important to consider the quality of the machine when purchasing. PRO #2 ..Included software and accessories Many used machines come with loaded software from previous owners which can allow you to load designs from the internet and many more features. The previous owner will sometimes be able to provide accessories such as stabilizers, hoops, design software, fee, and embroidery thread. 2nd embroidery machine photo PRO # 3 .. Warranty and Maintenance Another pro to used machines is that many come with warranties that will still be in place for a few years which negates the risk of the machine breaking down in the near future. However used machines do require a lot of maintenance and you need to be willing to take good care of your machine. With good maintenance a used machine can be kept in good condition for many years to come. However it’s important that the previous user took good care of the machine. Before buying make sure the machine is in good condition and works well with no glitches. This can be a con when buying a used machine; the previous user could have taken no care when using the machine resulting in a poorly running machine. CON #1 ..New Machines include Training and Support If you are new to machine embroidery it is important to consider the support, training and start-up kits that are provided with new machines. A con to buying a used machine is that training and support may be an extra cost. With a new machine you can start fresh with brand new technology and systems guiding you on a successful embroidery pathway. When buying a used machine consider buying a newer model including this technology and support to help you when you first buy the machine. CON #2 .. Scarcity of Older Parts A con to older used machines is the scarcity of older parts making it hard to find the parts needed to repair your machine. Research each brand and the availability of older parts and whether these are still available before purchasing an older machine. CON # 3 ..Hidden Costs Lastly a con to buying a used machine can be the hidden and additional costs that can outweigh the savings of the initial purchase. Some used machines may need to be repaired sooner than expected or more often considering the age of the machine. A con to buying from a private seller is the increase in the chance the machine will be broken or in faulty condition resulting in payments for repairs or even worse a different machine. In conclusion consider the best option for yourself as an individual. If you’re new to embroidery or you have money to spare and you’re willing to buy a brand new machine in good quality condition with the latest technology go ahead. However there are many pros to buying a used machine, not only will you save yourself a lot of money you may also be provided with previously downloaded programs which can sometimes cost a lot of money to buy yourself. Used machines can come with many accessories to save you further time and money. Also considering if you maintain your machine to a high standard or find a machine with a current warranty you can avoid any risk associated with a used machine. Don’t be afraid when buying a used machine consider the cons and avoid any of these issues and you will be able to find the perfect machine for you. alyssa at machine

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Now that you have your embroidery machine why not try our free LEARN how to do In The Hoop Puppy Zipper Purse . It is made in the 4x4 hoop .This design comes with very detailed instructions and will teach you how to do in the hoop. in the hoop machine embroidery design
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