These props are a bit of fun for a Christmas party and will surely help you with the celebration, festivity and fun of Christmas.

These super cute props will add fun to any party and kids will surely enjoy taking pictures with these Christmas props.


  • Santa Appliqué SVG, FCM or PDF
  • Scissors, Cutting Machine, Scalpel or whatever cutting instrument you like to use *
  • Cutting Mat or Cutting Board
  • Card
  • Glue or Glue Gun or Double Sided Foam Mounting Tape
  • Skewers or Wooden Craft Sticks or Chopsticks
  • Washi tape or Sticky Tape

* our patterns are easily used for hand cutting or machine cutting

Once you have everything you need, get ready to cut some cute designs for your Christmas Party photo booth props.

You shouldn't need to re-size your Santa Appliqué from the files we provide in our Santa Appliqué and Table Runner Pattern, as photo booth props are supposed to be cute.

If you would like to you can load and re-size these on your cutting machines or you are able to re-size your files prior to printing.

Here is a blog Martyn has put together for us on re-sizing your files:

Start by cutting out the base of your Santa Beard, and all the fun facial pieces for your Beard.

Annette has used a plain white card for the base of her props and a variety of paper card and adhesive vinyl.

You can use a variety of materials for your props and we recommend selecting a few textured materials to give your props some added dimension in your pictures.

If you're using a cutting machine be sure you check the specific cutting instructions of the product, they should be right on the packaging.

Annette has used a dazzling pink with silver sparkle adhesive vinyl for the cheeks of her Santa Beard prop.

Once all of my images are cut and get ready to layer and glue your Santa Beard photo booth prop together.

Ideally you will have selected materials that are heavy enough to stand up on their own, if you're finding that your props are a bit floppy you can either cut and glue the same pieces together (for example two beards glued together) or strengthen them by gluing a wooden stick to the back of your prop.

Having a guide close at hand is convenient when working out the placement of your pieces. You can either print off the PDF of the Santa pattern or refer to the pattern on your computer, tablet or phone.

Then just get to work...

Annette has selected an easy to use Double Sided Foam Mounting Tape to construct her Santa Beard prop.

Using Double Sided Foam Mounting Tape is a great idea as you do not have to wait for your pieces to dry, you can easy remove and readjust as you work AND it gives your Santa Beard a great 3D effect for your photos.

From here stick together the rest of your pieces and start to build your beard.

Once everything is together stick your stick to the back of your prop and you're done.

Annette made use of some take-away chopsticks she had in the kitchen, but you can use anything you for your handle.

Wooden craft sticks, twigs from outside, skewers... anything.

* If you use skewers, just be sure to place the pointy end against the paper, and cover the tip, so that no one gets poked. This leaves the blunt end of the skewers for your hand to hold.

And that’s it… quick and easy, but adorable photo props that look like they were professionally made.

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